This unique course will combine the wheel of the year teachings, shamanic journeying, storytelling and sacred art. It will run over 8 sessions and will take you on a journey around the sacred hoop, into its mythic centre and the Celtic other-world that surrounds its wild edges, so you can connect to the ancient stories that are a part of your blood and bones. 

Each session you will be given stories and poems that will deepen your connection to the seen and unseen worlds. You will also create a story wheel that will help you share your stories, so mankind can be more connected to the ancient teachings that come from the earth below, the sky above, the seas around and the heart space within us. We will also be using shamanic drumming to journey to find stories, songs, and myths, so we can begin to dream a new world into being. 


This session will introduce you to the art of the storyteller and sacred crafting. It will cover the basic elements that breathe life into a story, such as creating a story-space, how to tell a story and the most important element of connecting to the audience eye to eye, mind to mind and heart to heart. You will begin to weave your sacred story wheel, which will be made from a wooden hoop, natural materials and totems that will represent the stories you will learn during the course. By the end of this session you will be able to tell a creation story that you will find in the land of stories, which is a world full of forgotten stories, well told tales and stories that are waiting to be born.


This session takes us to the living breathing heart of all stories and their tellers. We will explore the world of the mighty Scottish myths and meet legendary figures like the Cailleach, Bride and Angus, Oison, the Fionn, True Thomas and many more. It is a place of great depth that can help you see the ordinary world through new eyes. 


This session will take us to the east direction, the element of air, season of spring, time of childhood and will focus on bird stories and myths. We will work on our own unique story wheels that will honour the place of the rising sun and the feathered ones. 


This session will take us to the south direction, the element of fire, season of summer, time of youth and will focus on animal stories and myths. We will weave more magical tales onto our story wheels that honours the place of the noon-day sun and the four-legged beasts.


This session will take us to the west direction, the element of water, season of autumn, time of adulthood and will focus on water creature stories and myths. As we move further around the wheel we will honour the place of the setting sun and weave our finned totems on our story wheels.


This session will take us to the north direction, the element of earth, season of winter, time of elderhood and will focus on tree tales and tribal stories. As we honour the place where the ancestors reside and remember their stories. We will become lineage bearers for the tribe of the two-legged and will weave our tribal cloths and ancestral totems onto our wheels.


This session will take us to a place like no other, a place that is outside time and is home to the where the spirit and other-worldly beings reside. In this magical world you will learn to tell supernatural stories. As we journey to this rich land of legendary beings, we will once more bring alive the spirits of the hidden folk and will honour their existence by weaving their magic on our story wheels.


This is the final session in this course that takes us to the place where all the teachings come together. We will put our sacred story wheels into practice and use them to tell the stories we have created and learnt during our journey around the wheel of the year and all its secret places.


The course will cost a total of £500, which includes the basic materials needed to make your sacred story wheel. This can be paid over the duration of the course with a £100 payable before the start to secure your place. The remaining balance can be paid at each session.

For more information, or to note your interest please email using the contact form.


“Rowan engaged all my senses when she began to weave her captivating tale. I was swept away to a time and place where time stands till and delight filled my soul. Every gesture and inflection of her velvet voice thrilled my being. I did not wish the story to end and was spellbound, transported, and transformed by her mastery of the art of storytelling”. (Jan Lucier)