The Cailleach is connected to many wild animals but is mostly known in Scotland as the Cailleach Mhor Nam Fiadh, protector of the deer, particularly around the Grampian Mountains. Where it is was said the local hunters were 'in right relationship' with the Cailleach, who ensured that there was always enough deer to provide them with food and pelts. In return, the hunters respected her wishes when it came to culling the herd. In 1932 J.G. Mackay in his The Deer-Cult and the Deer-Goddess Cult of the Ancient Caledonians, suggested that this ancient being was a sovereignty goddess that was worshipped by a priestess cult of giant old women. As a lover of deer, this folklore inspired my creation of the Caledonian Deer Tribe.

We are not a cult of giant old women, but we are like-minded folk who meet once a month to create a community of individuals who want to live in a more connected way with the the cosmology of land, sea and sky. As a tribe, we use the shaman’s workhorse to enter a state of non-ordinary reality, so we can connect with our tribe spirit familiar and guides. We aim to be in 'right relationships' with the helping spirits and land. We use ceremony and ritual in a respectful and meaningful way. Through turning of the year, we will follow in the deer trods and ways of our ancestors to live in harmony with the seasons and cycles of nature.


6:30pm - 9:00pm - the gatherings take place on a Friday night once a month.


Cleish Village Hall (near Kinross)


£20.00 for a 2.5-hour session, which is payable on the night, but places must be booked in advance. Use the contact form on the website to note your interest in my circles.


"Rowan hosts evocative, emotive and enveloping events steeped in rich historical fact, traditional storytelling, song, craft and healing. You learn so much. Listening to her moves you in ways that are subtle and deep, for me like feeling on an ancestral level, like we were sat around the fire with her in times gone by. These events are moments that are never forgotten, in heart or mind. Highly recommended."

Katie Joanne