In Scotland there is an ancient tradition of telling stories, eye to eye, mind to mind and heart to heart. There is no doubt that this is the way they should be told. For this is when the magic happens. When they come alive in the soul of the listener. Like the tellers of old, I had always resisted making recordings but the need to keep the old folktales alive in these 'unprecedented times' won the battle. I have a YouTube channel ROWAN MORRISON STORYTELLER that hosts more of my recordings and also a profile on Sound Cloud 

Folklore and Folktales of Superstitious Seafarers

This was filmed in Wemyss Caves in Fife for the International Storytelling Festival 2020. It explores the strange world of the superstitious seafarer and finishes with my version of a tale from Shetland, that I call Sailors Ghost. 

Folklore and Folktales of Mythical Mermaids

This film explores the folklore of the mythical mermaid and finishes with my version of a well know traditional folktale called Johnny Croy and his Mermaid Wife.  Filmed in the Wemyss Caves for the International Storytelling Festival 2020. 

Folklore and Folktales of Shapeshifting Selkies

This film explores folklore of the shapeshifting selkie and finishes with my version of a traditional tale called The Seal Killer. Filmed in the Wemyss Caves for the International Storytelling Festival 2020. 


I have always been passionate about social justice, and giving voice to the voiceless. To those who were accused of witchcraft and condemned to death for a crime that they did not commit. This story is my way of remembering the accused witches of Scotland. May their souls rest in eternal peace. 


This is a traditional folktale that was translated from Gaelic to English by a wonderful storyte​ller called George W Macpherson from the Isle of Skye. It has long been a favourite of mine and was the first story I told on stage at the Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh. 

The Forget Me Not Curse

was inspired to write this story by a thought of how remembering something you want to forget can be a curse and used my knowledge of shamanism and folk magic to breathe life into it. I called it after a lovely little blue flower but it is a darker tale of a witch who cursed a lover for breaking her heart.


Another of my favourites from Skye. A magical island that is alive with folktale and lore. This story is part of the ancient landscape of the Cuchullins and is almost as dramatic as they are. If you ever wondered where dreams come from, this one is for you!


An original story that I wrote about the Cailleach, Bodach (the first Scottish ancestors) and a strange woman called Morag o' the deer who tells stories to the dead, heals sick trees and sings like a bird to give her feathered friends a rest. I hope you like it!


Scotland is a country that is rich in sea lore and stories of witches that could command the winds and the seas. But these weren't just stories, for in mid century Scotland, women were been accused of creating storms and were condemned to death. This is my version of a traditional tale from the Isle of Lewis.


"Rowan Morrison doesn't just tell a story. She becomes the story and she weaves her listeners into the magic of that." (Ursula Aerts)