As a Scottish storyteller I like to tell in the ‘mither tongue’ and also write short stories in Scots. I tell tales of the natural world, the spirit worlds, the elements, the great Celtic myths, folk and fairy tales. I like to bring a little bit of magic into the ‘middle world’. Some of these are traditional myths and some are tales of my own making. If you listen closely there is a wisdom in these old tales that is timeless. 

The wheel of the year is the foundation for a lot of my work, so I have put stories that I love in a place on the wheel.

MYTHIC WORLD - Home to the mighty myths, such as the Cailleach, Bride, Angus, Oison, Fionn, True Thomas and many more.

EAST - Home to the feathered beings, a gathering of bird stories including swans, ravens, robins, owls and the fearsome boobrie.

SOUTH - Home to the four-legged, tales about animals like the deer, hares, rabbits, wolves, bears and wulvers.

WEST - Home to the water creatures, stories about selkies, blue-men, mermaids, magical fish, sea dragons and kelpies. 

NORTH - Home to the earth dwellers - amazing tales of sacred trees, plus some ordinary and not so ordinary folk.

OTHER-WORLD - Home to supernatural stories of spirits, wee folk, brownies, witches, giants, monsters and shape-shifters. 

Please note that many of the stories above are aimed at adults and are more suitable for age 12 upwards due to their supernatural content. However I do offer sessions that are suitable for younger children and can tell stories on any given theme.

CHILDRENS TALES - A collection of classic children stories, the happy prince, the selfish giant, the velveteen rabbit and well-kent Scottish tales like the wee bannock, rashie coat and whuppity stoorie. 

Sessions can last from one hour up to four hours, see the booking page for information on recommended prices.


“When I heard you begin to talk. I was captivated, I became vulnerable to your embrace. The waves of words bathed me, flowing, smashing, crashing, healing..... A sweet child rose up within me, both myself and this sweet boy merged listening to your tale. Goosebumps arrived and my hair stood on end as we galloped, riding every word we heard! And then finally the end! I had to let go. The silence returned but it was different! I wanted more..... Rowan is such a gifted storyteller that her words create a rich tapestry of experience! As a listener, you become the book itself and for every breath Rowan takes to deliver new words. A new page is opened in your life, magically and beautifully! Take this moment seriously and ride it like the wind! For she will guide you along the way”. (Pete Bengry)​