This is a unique type of one to one therapy that combines my shamanic practice with the therapeutic use of stories and poems that aim to heal on a soul level. 

During the session with help from the skin drum, whose repetitive beat enables a deep level of consciousness. You will go on an inner-journey to the heart of a healing story, or poem that we will be working with. It is in this mythic landscape that you will be able to find your own personal story and without giving too much of the magic away, the ability to rewrite and begin a new chapter in your life. 

I believe that to be an author of your own life, you must be your own hero, or heroine and fight for what you want. Change what you don't like and get the ending you deserve. 

For more information on STORY MEDICINE call me on 07951789763. 


"Rowan Morrison doesn't just tell a story. She becomes the story and she weaves her listeners into the magic of that." (Ursula Aerts)