I view the burning times through a folklore and spiritual lens. I believe that this traumatic period in history has left a deep scar on the collective unconscious. The shame of a nation that is only now making its way into the legal and political arena in Scotland. Many women know if they had lived during the witch hunts, they would have shared the fate of the accused. We can’t change the past, but we can honour their memories in the present through a weaving together of ancient Scottish traditions.

There were many reasons why people were accused as witches, one was because they were outspoken women. Their tongues were feared because it was believed that they could charm, curse, and cast spells with their voices. Making working with forgotten female traditions like chants, charms, keening and singing laments that are taught in the workshop even more relevant. By supporting women to reclaim their voice, we give voice to the thousands who were killed during the witch trails in Scotland.

At this unique workshop we will come together to begin to heal the invisible legacy of the burning times. We will release this ancestral trauma, through story, song, ritual, and keening. We will end the day by singing a lament for the innocents and their loved ones who were forbidden to grieve. Like the lamenting women of old, our voices will create a bridge to the spirit world, so the accused witches can finally rest in peace. 

Please get in touch if you would like to come to my next workshop. 


"Yesterday I spent a deeply moving and poignant day with a circle of sisters, led by Rowan in honouring and singing home the souls of the women (and men) of Scotland accused of being witches. Rowan is a gifted storyteller who brought graphically to life the atrocities that were inflicted on these women and guided us all with compassion, strength and integrity. This was a pilgrimage that was intensely personal to me having been something I’ve carried close to my heart since my young childhood and very much part of my life now. For anyone who feels an affinity to magic and witchcraft and anyone who feels called to heal the past of these wounds, I highly recommend you attend this workshop. Thank you for your service Rowan. I very much hope to work with you again soon." .

Suz McDonald