In addition to offering storytelling sessions I also offer a range of what I call 'creative cauldron workshops'. Their ingredients can include, art, crafts, creative writing, folklore, shamanism, storytelling and a great big dose of other worldly magic. My workshops aim to be educational and empowering. A bespoke workshop can be as long as one mortal day, or as short as two circles round the face of a clock and can be based on any theme required. Such is the power of the cauldron! The workshops below, are an example of ones I have facilitated for groups in the past but I can wave my magic wand to create a workshop on any theme required.


Are you a seeking inspiration for your life and creative work? With the help of the skin-drum, ancient stories and other magical ingredients. I will take you on a shamanic dismemberment journey that will enable all false allusions that dis-empower you to fall away. I will guide you through the depths of your inner landscape, so you can rediscover your souls purpose. We will then journey through the cosmos of space and time to the land of creation, an enchanted realm of never ending possibilities. What you find there will inspire and reignite your creativity. 


Ever wanted to shed your human skin to become a wild and free creature? To feel what it is like to run through the glens with the deer, soar over the mountain tops like an eagle or swim in  the sea with a selkie. If so, this workshop is for you.  Immerse yourself in Scottish shape-shifting folklore, myth and magic. Listen to Selkie, Kelpie and Faery stories. Journey to the Celtic Otherworld to become one of these legendary creatures and without giving too much away, we will bring some of this magic back to the middle world of mankind. 

Participants are asked to bring along an open mind and heart along with a journal to record their experiences. I will provide all the art materials needed. For more information call me on 07951789763.  


“Rowan holds the space of the Storyteller with fierce joy and gentle humour”. (Jill Hunter)