In addition to offering storytelling sessions I also offer a range of bespoke workshops for groups of all ages that are participatory in nature, as I am an advocate of active learning. My workshops aim to be educational, empowering and a catalyst for personal, or social change. They include supporting others to write, or tell their own stories, which are sometimes birthed to the sound of the frame drum. I often combine informal storytelling with artwork, as a way of telling individual and community stories. I love nothing better than telling a tale, or two around a fire to the smell of smoke and crackle of coals.


This half day workshop is for all kinds of creative souls, who are seeking inspiration for their life and work. With the help of the skin-horse drum, ancient stories and other magical ingredients. I will guide you to the depths of your inner landscape, so you can rediscover your souls purpose. We will then journey through the cosmos of space and time to the land of creation, a place so full of wonders that you might just not want to come back from this enchanted realm of never ending possibilities. What you find there will inspire and reignite your creativity. 

Participants are asked to bring along an open mind and heart along with a journal to record their experiences. For more information call me on 07951789763.  


“Rowan holds the space of the Storyteller with fierce joy and gentle humour”. (Jill Hunter)